Can I try some of it before I sign up? 

We would be happy to show you the equipment and demonstrate what the sessions will be like before you decide to sign up for the program. We want you to come to the first session comfortable, confident, and excited.

Do you have a peer who has gone through it that I can talk to?

Yes, we would be happy to provide a reference on request.

What happens to my payment if I don't want to continue?

You may choose to discontinue the program at any time. An initial fee for the first three sessions, which include the evaluation and custom program plan, is due prior to engaging in the program. The remainder of the program tuition is due before continuing on to sessions four through eight (the training sessions.) Upon payment, the fees are non-refundable, but we will use our discretion if special circumstances arise.

Will I have any benefit if I quit before I have done all of the sessions?

Some benefit will be derived before all of the required sessions are complete, but we recommend participating in the all eight sessions to achieve the full benefit. It has been shown that most people cannot maintain and sustain the benefits before the full eight sessions are complete, though most people do not need more than eight sessions. Imagine learning to ski — an assessment and then training and guidance and practice is required. You can’t leave after the second class and begin to master more difficult trails on your own if you haven’t yet learned to turn or stop.  
Can I do this with a friend?

Each participant in this program will have different body responses to the exact same stresses. Therefore each program will have to be custom designed to achieve the optimal state for each individual. Furthermore, different students will have different ways of learning and achieve that learning on differently timed courses. So by design, this program has to be done individually, not in groups.

Can someone come with me to the training sessions?

If someone else is in the room during the sessions, that person’s presence can affect the participant’s body responses both during assessment and during training. The program could then be designed incorrectly and the techniques applied incorrectly. 

Of course, if parents would like to come in and see the student get connected to the sensors to ensure it is safe they are more than welcome to do so.