What should I wear to the sessions?

Whatever you wear to work, school, or after-school activities, including sports, will work well. You will be sitting at a desk with a computer. Sensors will be attached to your fingers and wrapped loosely around your waist over whatever clothing you are wearing. Clothes should be comfortable, loose fitting, and appropriately modest. 

Do the sensors hurt? 

No. The sensors attach to your fingers and over your waist using common Velcro straps. No sensation comes from the sensors. It is similar to using a sports heart rate monitor or an ear thermometer.

Will this be hard? Will I be able to master these skills?  

If you apply yourself, you can master these skills. Our students tell us the process is fun and engaging – our software uses a gaming approach to test and improve your skills. The big differences from ordinary videogames are that 1) you’ll control your character through biometrics, rather than a controller and 2) your parents won’t tell you to stop.

Will I have homework?

As part of the training, the student practices skills learned in a session in their daily lives. For example, if we work on awareness, a student might be asked to try to identify times that they lose awareness while attending a math class and then switch their attention back to the math class. 

How can parents participate?

We understand that parents may be interested in the findings, the process, and the results. And we welcome your involvement. Please feel free to check in with the practitioner frequently.