About BFSD

Biofeedback Systems Design got started when Dejan Stankovic, a sports psychologist, and Jonathan Gertler, an MD and father of three, discovered how biofeedback training could benefit students preparing for high-stakes exams. At the time, biofeedback's applications were limited. It had been used exclusively in clinical settings with cumbersome medical-grade hardware. Using new, affordable biometric sensors – similar to those found in wearable devices – our team built an adaptive hardware-software solution that complements the biofeedback practitioner while replicating many of their functions. Our proprietary technology is now represented by multiple patents and a bevy of positive results for students and competitive athletes. Our innovative solution also includes gameplay elements, making the biofeedback training process engaging, fun, and effective.


Dejan Stankovic, Ed.D., BCB, Co-Founder

Dejan Stankovic designs, oversees, and implements BFSD's products and services. A biofeedback expert and sports psychologist, Dejan became a biofeedback practitioner to optimize sports performance, but quickly realized it could help with the stress many of his tennis students were experiencing while preparing for standardized tests. Dejan is Board Certified in Biofeedback and a member of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance, and the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. He earned his Ed.D. from Boston University and a B.A. from St. Bonaventure University.



Jonathan Gertler is BFSD's board chair and a co-founder. Jonathan is currently Managing Partner and CEO at Back Bay Life Science Advisors, an internationally recognized consulting firm. Formerly head of Biopharma Investment Banking at Leerink Swann and Head of Healthcare Investment Banking at Adams Harkness, Jonathan was responsible for over $7 billion in aggregate deal consideration. He is founder of Antyllus Therapeutics, a vascular therapeutics company, and CardioVascular Technologies, which was acquired in 2000. A former Chief of Vascular Surgery at SUNY-HSCB, Jonathan was previously Associate Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School and Co-Director of Vascular Labs at Massachusetts General Hospital. Jonathan earned his M.D. from Columbia University and an MBA in Health Policy and Management from Boston University. He earned his bachelor's degree at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut.

Jane Rogers Clark, MD, Co-Founder

Jane Rogers Clark is a co-founder of BFSD and current President of the Julia & Seymour Gross Foundation. An otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon, she is former President of Ear, Nose & Throat and Hearing Center of Eastern Massachusetts, and served on the Board of the Massachusetts Society for Otolaryngology. Jane was Chief Resident and Clinical Instructor at Yale New Haven Hospital, where she completed her residency, and earned an A.B. from Harvard College, where she was a nationally ranked varsity rower.

daniel kusik, m.ed., co-founder

Daniel Kusik is a co-founder of BFSD and current Director of Advantage Testing of Boston, a private tutoring and test preparation company. Advantage Testing is America's most highly regarded private tutoring service. In Boston, Daniel leads a group of 25 tutors, serving hundreds of students each year. Prior to joining Advantage, Daniel worked at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the Salzburg Global Seminar. Daniel earned his M.Ed. from Harvard University and his B.A. from Middlebury College.