I went from receiving a 560 to a 730 on my official [GMAT] test!

I am more mindful and able to limit my anxiety during tests and in general and I am able to realize when I am starting to get overwhelmed so that I can avoid [it] as much as possible.
— Rachel H.
My ACT scores went from a 27 when I started to a 35 with biofeedback.

BFSD taught me easy, yet effective ways to manage my stress leading up to the exams and really gather myself to perform at my optimal level. I still practice the methods BFSD taught me today!
— Brian Y.

You’re motivated to do well on your standardized test. You’ve put in the work. But your scores aren’t what you were hoping for. 

The missing component is test stress management – and we fill that gap with proven science.

Motivated Student

The most important element.

You're determined to get into the school of your dreams.

Test Prep

Crucial preparation.

You've spent hours in tutoring or classes, taking practice tests and studying prep materials.

Test Stress management

Key to a top score. Missing for most.

The stakes are high on test day. Your determination and hard work only increase your anxiety – clouding your focus and constricting your ability to perform with your full potential. Don't let this happen to you! BFSD can help.

Client results

My SAT Critical Reading score went up by 90 points!
— Laurie F.
My ACT scores went from a 27 when I started to a 35 with biofeedback!
— Brian Y.
My scores for SAT Math increased by more than 100 points!
— Eliza B.